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Features & Benefits

  • 90% Chance Of Not Gut Hooking A Fish
  • Holds 70% More Bait Than An Ordinary Hook
  • Design Of Hook Reduces The Chance Of Getting Caught Up
  • More Bait Attracts More Fish
  • Reloads As Bait Is Taken From The Hook
  • Octagon Shaped Capsule For Easy Gripping
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Problems caused by the average J-hook:

  • Gut hooking critically injures the fish, likely causing death when it’s released
  • Fish can easily steal the bait before the angler reacts to the bite
Fish Hooks for Kids

Let’s do our part to help save the fish population for future anglers.

When a hook snags a fish’s throat/gills, this is known as gut hooking. Gut hooking causes massive damage to the critical organs of the fish and leaves them severely wounded. Using a normal J-hook increases the chances of snagging and tearing holes in the fish’s digestive and respiratory systems, which often kills it shortly after release.

Problem One Solved
Baitanator Fishhooks are the only J-Hooks that will dramatically reduce the chance of gut hooking fish, making this hook perfect for catch and release fishing with family and friends. Because the capsule covers the J-hook, small fish cannot swallow the entire hook causing them to feed near the barb. If a larger fish swallows the Baitanator, the protective capsule keeps the hook from snagging the fish’s throat, allowing it to retreat without injury.

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During our testing of the product, we caught over 500 fish and NEVER gut hooked one!

“I bought this hook for my daughter. It was easy for her to hold and she bait it easily without help! I felt safer for her using the baitanator than a regular hook because she had a lot more control! Would recommend for young kids.”
Paige R

“Works great. I use corn to fish, and this hook is the perfect size for corn. This hook is so much fun to fish with!”

Mindy H

“I bought this fishhook for my niece. We went to the local fishing pond and caught a few fish. It was easy to take the hook out of the mouth because I could easily hold the capsule. No need to use pliers. We baited with corn, and there was still corn on the hook when we caught the fish! I love that this product reduces the chances of gut hooking, and my niece has been asking to go fishing again!”

Charmin R

“My son is five, it’s easy for him to hold, bait himself, not a big worry about hooking his fingers. Thanks for the product.”

Mundy M

The Baitanator Is No Ordinary Hook!

Problem Two Solved
Our patented Baitanator is the only self-reloading fishing hook. You load the capsule by adding your preferred bait onto the shaft, similar to how you would bait a standard hook until the capsule is full. If you miss a catch and a fish takes your bait, the spring within the capsule automatically shifts fresh bait onto the hook. Fish will be more attracted to the extra bait, increasing the likelihood of a catch. The Baitanator makes fishing more fun, especially for the beginner angler whose reaction time to the bites are slower. Not only is the Baitanator more efficient, but the capsule design also reduces the chance of snagging hidden branches and debris under the water’s surface.

Fish With Your Kids

This is a size 4 J-Hook and will catch small Perch up to 5 lb Catfish

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