Across America with Mike Ditka Exemplifies
That America Remains a Beacon of Entrepreneurialism

We pride ourselves in creating compelling commercial spots that tell a story, with companies that are making an impact on their respective industries through varying products, services, and technologies.

Produced with Mike Ditka, a Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, Super Bowl winning football coach, and business expert, Across America covers every corner of business. America has proudly held global leadership in science, commerce, and many other areas, because we’ve been able to “think-outside-the-box,” along with our determination and perseverance in creating products and services that continue to change and improve lives. At Across America, we are monitoring industry trends and new developments.

We feature B2B and B2C companies that know how to thrive in a competitive landscape, because their business model allows for the willingness to adapt and change to boost growth. We feature business leaders that understand that innovation is critical to the growth and success of their company.

Recipients of numerous Telly Awards, Across America producers, award-winning writers, directors of photography, and editors join forces across all platforms to produce a persuasive: 30-second broadcast presentation that raises awareness, bolsters prospects interest, and effectively introduces your businesses products or services to potential buyers, clients, and investors.

Video is an indispensable marketing tool for reaching and educating customers and business peers. Across America is pleased to offer you access to relevant content that will strengthen and build your company’s brand equity. Discover today how your company or industry can be the next to be featured in a commercial spot that Across America shares with the world.

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