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  • Baitanator - Fishing Kit for the Beginning Angler
    Fishing Kit for the Beginning Angler
    • 1- PJ Masks fishing pole, 29.5” Medium Action Rod, 3.
    • 1:1 Gear ratio, with practice casting plug
    • 1- Fishing Net
    • 3- Bullet Weights
    • 3- Barrel Swivels
    • 3- Red-White Floats
    • 1- Plastic fishing tackle box with 4 compartments
    • 1- Package of 3 Baitanator Fishing Hooks
    Looking for a perfect gift for a young fishing enthusiast? This complete fishing kit has everything your beginning angler needs to start fishing!
  • Baitanator Fishing Hook

    The Baitanator is an innovative reusable hook that automatically replaces bait, allowing fishing enthusiasts of all ages to fish non-stop! The weighted spring-lock capsule provides a comfortable and secure grip when preloading the hook with bait. Not only is it safe for all users, the Baitanator is also designed to minimize gut hooking, making it easier to remove fish from the hook. Spend less time baiting and more time fishing!
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